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San Juan Closet Works specialize in Closet, Wall-beds, Laundry, Pantry, Office and other Accessories which will suit any design from professional to modern and everything in between. SJCW can create a space to pursue your artistic endeavors.


Most customers start their home organizational journey by re-configuring their bedroom closets. Clients can expect to increase the usefulness and capacity of bedroom closets dramatically by replacing existing closet shelves and rods with customized closet components where all closet contents find their own place with dedicated accessories and elements.

Artfully Crafted

Each storage solution is designed to make the best use of your space, taking into consideration the items to be organized, the design elements which will express your individual taste, while enhancing your surrounding décor, and incorporating features which will allow this space to be reconfigured when your family’s needs change.

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San Juan Closet Works will help you design an office space at home or at work which will suit the budding student, the home-based professional, and everything in between. SJCW can change an unused space in your home to a dedicated office environment with file cabinets, a large work surface, accessories to accommodate your computer needs, shelving and/or cabinets to organize your office.

Freshly New

Given the rise in popularity of dedicated room for crafts or studio work, SJCW can create a space to pursue your artistic endeavors. SJCW will work closely with you to insure that the design features you require for your particular craft are realized for your space and budget.

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A pantry does more than supplement storage in the kitchen and dining room. Having everything at your fingertips will keep your kitchen running like a top, making your meals easier to prepare and keeping your kitchen and dining room clutter-free. Adjustable shelving will insure maximum storage, from canned goods to electric mixers and other kitchen appliances that are constantly in the way.

Redefined Storage

Drawers and pullouts help to sort and organize any number of items and allow easy access to the back of deep storage areas. Shelf dividers are great for storing sheet pans and cutting boards, and baskets are really handy for organizing bulk items. Add countertops, wine racks, wall hooks, and more to make an organized pantry a necessary storage solution for your home.

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The garage offers unlimited opportunities to take an often cluttered and disorganized space, where its primary use (vehicle storage!) is sacrificed and its secondary use (everything that cannot be conveniently stored in the house) takes over. Let SJCW help with your next project and help you free the clutter up that takes up your much needed space. Check out our recently completed Jobs!

Beautifully Crafted

San Juan Closet Works can easily transform the garage into an organizational wonder where all of your clutter will disappear, all of your items will have a place and your personal vehicles will enjoy a home at last! Floor to ceiling shelves or cabinetry, storage bins, a workbench with space to organize your tools and undertake your projects. Call today and get a free estimate!

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With over a thousand satisfied customers we are proud to be the #1 custom closet company in the area.

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Our Core Values

A thoughtful design is at the heart of your new storage space. San Juan Closet Works listens closely to you, your ideas and your dreams to help create designs that bring together a customer’s unique needs, their creative vision and aesthetic considerations to insure that your new space flows seamlessly with the broader design elements of your home.

Our Home Owners Say

“I hired San Juan Closet Works, to upgrade my closet for my home office. He did a fantastic job, was great to work with and the closet and the cost were just within what I wanted to pay. I also got a quote from one of his competitors in Durango and his was much lower for the same quality. I am moving soon and will use SJCW again to redo my next home office closet.

Eilleen Kerby • NEW HOME OWNER

“Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest. When you invest in real estate, you often see a side of humanity that stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and saving money shelter you from.”

Andrew Parker • HOMEOWNER

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